Speaking Arabic: a little but helpful vocabulary

ArabicIf you decide to visit one of the Arabic countries, it is better to know at least some basics of the language, even just to say “hi” or “thank you”.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, whenever you speak, you have to refer according to the genre: it means, you answer will be different if you talk to a male of a female. In addition to it, if you refer to a group of people, you will have a third expression.

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Discovering the Campania region

naplesCampania is one of the charming region which is stretched along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Full of the Mediterranean vegetation, is one of the must places to visit by tourists because of the richness of both its art and history.

In addition to this, the climate is mild and the food is well know all over the world and there are still some some areas near the cost where you can feel like to be in a small corner of paradise.

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The Pantelleria Island

Going to Italy, you can’t miss the Pantelleria Island, having its Venus Mirror Lake, which is one of the most charming and unique place the island can offer.

It is not that deep- only 12 meters– and the water level is about 2 feet above the sea level, being of course powered from the rain during the very hot spring. In that period of time, in fact, temperatures can arrive at 40-50° C, so be ready to wet a lot, and bring comfortable clothes only.

Located in the north part of Pantelleria, the lake lets you have an amazing view of the area, due to its position: it is situated in the crater of an ancient volcano, occuping the very bottom part.

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Choosing the right place where to go to Italy

Where to plan your next vacation across Italy? What a great question, actually, since it depends according to what you decide to do once you are there.

Do you prefer seaside, mountain or lake? According to your answer, then, you will be able to choose which Italian region can satisfy you better.

In fact, if you really like seaside, you should better not to go to Piedmont, for example, since you won’t be able to wear your costume over there.

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Festivals and culture in Leuven

If you happen to be in Leuven, and you like festivals, you will definitely love all the attractions simply named “BeLEUVENissen”, which are followed by a huge crowd of both citizens and tourists.

There are, in fact, several interesting folkoristic elements, such as the “Balloon of Friendship”, a monument located in Hooverplein and sculpted in 1988. It is the symbol of friendship and it was offered by a group of men who wanted to celebrate the “Men of the Year”. Every year, in fact, who turns 40, can join the club, whose members wanted to show their presence in the town by the balloon.

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