The Pantelleria Island

Going to Italy, you can’t miss the Pantelleria Island, having its Venus Mirror Lake, which is one of the most charming and unique place the island can offer.

It is not that deep- only 12 meters– and the water level is about 2 feet above the sea level, being of course powered from the rain during the very hot spring. In that period of time, in fact, temperatures can arrive at 40-50° C, so be ready to wet a lot, and bring comfortable clothes only.

Located in the north part of Pantelleria, the lake lets you have an amazing view of the area, due to its position: it is situated in the crater of an ancient volcano, occuping the very bottom part.

Amalfi coast rentals villas and apartments for rent

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Zingaro Natural Park in Sicily

Today we are going to discover the wonders of the ‘Parco Naturale dello Zingaro‘ (Gipsy Natural Park), located in Sicily, between Palermo and Trapani. During the summer, Sicily is a favorite place for Italian and foreign tourists, because it offers unspoiled nature, ancient history, beautiful landscapes and many tourist-related services. Reaching Sicily by plane is easy, you have various options. the main airlines which are operating flights are Alitalia, Airone and Air Sicily. The main airports are the ‘Falcone and Borsellino‘, Punta Raisi site, 30 km away from the city of Palermo and in Catania, ‘Fontanarossa‘, near the city. In order to reach the Zingaro Park, the best option is the airport of Palermo. Trapani also has been recently equipped with new low cost airlines. The two largest town close to the park are Castellammare del Golfo and San Vito Lo Capo, known worldwide for the funny Couscous festival, held annually in September. Zingaro Park is 1650 hectares large and spreads over a coastline 7 km long. It is a protected area where abundant marine species and rare plants live. Once the area was full of tuna-fishing buildings (now transformed in museums), where people fished and worked the delicious bluefin tuna, today regrettably not always present in the waters of the Mediterranean, due to a wicked fishing policy. The sea can be visited renting a small boat or taking a guided tour, but it is also very nice to discover the trails in the park by foot, there are many small bays and coves that lead quickly to the sea. The morphology of the landscape presents unique colors and...

Visit Versilia in Tuscany Coast

Versilia is the most known seaside of the Tuscan coast with its stretch of coast that extends from Viareggio to Marina di Massa, encompassing the towns of Viareggio, Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and Camaiore. Place of amusement and society life, Versilia is a destination for vacationers throughout the year with their accommodations at the forefront to provide prestige and elegance, this stretch of the Tyrrhenian coast. Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi have established its reputation with beaches and bathing establishments equipped with every comfort with pool, bar, restaurant, allowing tourists a vacation to 360 degrees. Along the coastal road that crosses the VERSILIA from Marina di Pietrasanta Lido di Camaiore are many night spots like pubs and discos that enliven the nightlife of the biggest names in historical and the Bussola that is Focette Marina di Pietrasanta and the Capannina Franceschi in Forte dei Marmi. During the year in successive VERSILIA prestigious events such as the famous Carnival of Viareggio, the cultural event the Versilia Marina di Pietrasanta. The opera season in Torre del Lago Puccini, the Award Satire Politics in Forte dei Marmi. Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by...