Discovering the Campania region

naplesCampania is one of the charming region which is stretched along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Full of the Mediterranean vegetation, is one of the must places to visit by tourists because of the richness of both its art and history.

In addition to this, the climate is mild and the food is well know all over the world and there are still some some areas near the cost where you can feel like to be in a small corner of paradise.

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Choosing the right place where to go to Italy

Where to plan your next vacation across Italy? What a great question, actually, since it depends according to what you decide to do once you are there.

Do you prefer seaside, mountain or lake? According to your answer, then, you will be able to choose which Italian region can satisfy you better.

In fact, if you really like seaside, you should better not to go to Piedmont, for example, since you won’t be able to wear your costume over there.

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How to visit Palazzo Pitti

palazzo pittiHave you ever visited the Palazzo Pitti in Florence? If not, here there are some tips to help.

If you are thinking about going, but then you see a huge line to entry, walk a little bit down to Via Romana, you will find a second entrance. It’s located 5 minutes from the main one, and most of the people don’t even know it exists.

In this way, you can avoid all the crowd and instead of waiting in line for half hour or an hour, you can easily enter and go around the wonderful gardens, which are called the Boboli Gardens.

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Visit Byron Bay in Australia

byron bayIf you are looking for a seaside destination during your trip to Australia, a great choice is Byron Bay.

Located in the north eastern corner of New South Wales, Byron Bay is just under 500 miles drive north from Sydney and 100 miles south of Brisbane.

If you are planning on driving to Byron Bay, make sure you have a solid economical car such as a Renault Megane, to make your journey a comfortable one.

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Don’t cry for me, Buenos Aires

The title is obviously a recall from the movie “Evita”, starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. In fact Buenos Aires (the complete name is Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) is the capital of Argentina and it is a place which is loved by tourists because some many reasons, especially because it well known for being the so-called the South-American Paris.
Not only it is the largest city of the country, but it is also the second largest metropolis area in South-America, following Saõ Paulo and one of the 20 biggest cities in the world.

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