Festivals and culture in Leuven

There are, in fact, several interesting folkoristic elements, such as the “Balloon of Friendship”, a monument located in Hooverplein and sculpted in 1988. It is the symbol of friendship and it was offered by a group of men who wanted to celebrate the “Men of the Year”.

Every year, in fact, who turns 40, can join the club, whose members wanted to show their presence in the town by the balloon. As the name suggests, women who turn 40 are not allow to take part of this event, since it is for men only, recalling the sex of the founders.

While going around, take a picture with “Digs-madam”, the sculpture set on a bench since 1984, when Alfred Bellefroid made it. Holding her coffee-pot in her hand, the landlady stares the open sky.

Say “cheese” and take a great memory from your vacation in Belgium. There is also “Paap Toon”, always ready to great you with something between a smile and a sneer. Sat on the bridge in Brusselsestraat, this notorious joker, friendly called Tony, entertains people who walk around, making their day.

If you visit the town during the month of August, in the middle of summer, in a very hot day, you will be able to see the Old Square transformed in a huge crowd of people: it’s because of the rock-fans, who decide to meet one another there.

The joy, as well as the noise, is shared by the neighbouring streets, transforming the whole area into a live party in which you can find new friends and have so much fun under the sun.