Choosing the right place where to go to Italy

Choosing the right place where to go to Italy

Italy? What a great question, actually, since it depends according to what you decide to do once you are there. Do you prefer seaside, mountain or lake?

According to your answer, then, you will be able to choose which Italian region can satisfy you better. In fact, if you really like seaside, you should better not to go to Piedmont, for example, since you won’t be able to wear your costume over there. On the other hand, if you are looking for mountains to climb, you should better avoid regions like Sicily or Sardinia, where you can find the best beaches in the country. Moreover, every spot in Italy is beautiful and has a particular connotation, so even if you want to choose a beach, that would be definitely hard, especially if it is your first time in there.

That’s basically why Italians prefer to chance the location for their summer every year: at least they can easily discover new places and learn more about different culture, tradions and typical food.

According to your personal tastes, after having checked on the web which things and food you are interested in, you can easily manage which of the 21 regions is the best for you for having a great Italian vacation. Especially if it is the first time you come to Italy. Unfortunately, most of the tourists who come to Italy sometimes are a little bit confused about the geography of the place, since they thought of being in a place but they are in a different one.

How can that happen? Simply because they think all around Italy there is the seaside, for example, or there is at least one lake in each of the regions, but that is not right. So, keep this in mind before planning your (next) Italian vacation.