Campania Region

Discovering the Campania region

Tyrrhenian Sea. Full of the Mediterranean vegetation, is one of the must places to visit by tourists because of the richness of both its art and history.

In addition to this, the climate is mild and the food is well know all over the world and there are still some some areas near the cost where you can feel like to be in a small corner of paradise. Try to go near the Garigliano River or have a visit to the Gulf of Policastro, and you will easily find it why the region is so fascinating. All the bays, with its coves and rocks, make you appreciate the natural masterpieces related to the Campania.

In fact, the region doesn’t have to be associated only to the city of Naples, but also to the Gulf, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento and the Vesuvious volcano.

Unforgettable places able to let you leave great magic moments. All the places are related to the intense Italian music in world, mystery and beauty of a massive “beast” such as a volcano, plus all the usual elements: entertainment, sun and sea.

Visit Herculaneum and Pompeii, you will fall in love with the ruins there, as well as the Royal Palace of Caserta, which will take you back in time, forgetting your ordinary present life.

Then, if you still have time, go to Torre Annunziata, Paestrum and Padula, with its Chartreuse. Explore the surrounding area to find out the terraces used to cultivate vines, olive trees, citrus, lemon and orange trees.

The made in Italy food is a pleasure for the mouth, that is why it is important to understand its origins and traditions before simply put it in the mouth.