Milan: San Siro and Santa Maria delle Grazie

San Siro, well known in all Europe by the keen footballers, is the famous football ground for the two Milan teams. Inside, you can pay the ticket to have a tour on the ground or to visit the museums having some of the most important souvenirs and awards won by the teams. Some of the national and international singers have performed there, having the stadium all full of fans.

How not to mention the first woman who have a concert in San Siro: the great, sexy and beautiful Italian singer Laura Pausini, who sang in the rain. The area around the stadium is also very interesting, in particular the racecourse complex which on certain days allows the public to go in for free.

Don’t miss this cool and curious chance! And also have a look at the big bronze statue of Leonardo’s horse in front of the racetrack. It is huge and it was designed by an American aviator who decided to install it there, as an eye-catching symbol for the racetrack.

The other important place connected to Milan is the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, where you can find the famous Leonardo’s painting of the Last Supper.

You have to keep in mind that you need to buy the ticket in advance, if not, you will be unable to enter, since it is very difficult to get tickets, due to the huge crowd of people who want to see the painting.

If you want to be sure to enter, book a tour which includes a visit to this church. It also includes tickets to see it, and you won’t miss such a great opportunity.