Ipanema Apartments

It was inspired by Helô Pinheiro, a 19 years old girl living in Ipanema, and was composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. Ipanema has gained an international fame thanks to the success of this song, and is now one of the highlights of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema is, in fact, one of the most lively districts of the Brazilian metropolis, very well known for its enchanting beach. Adjacent to Copacabana, the district has a lot of restaurants, shops, art galleries and theatres, and every year attracts thousands of visitors to the city.

The neighbourhood is considered one of the safest and richest area of Rio de Janeiro. That’s why there are many Ipanema apartments for holiday rent. These luxurious accommodations have been conceived with the purpose of make tourists feel like being at home. They are spacious, bright, and located in central position.

They are equipped with all the amenities one can want to use on vacation. Ipanema has a community of surfers and sun worshippers which is unique and unmatchable in all the world. The beach is not only a famous haunt for people of all ages, but also the best place where to socialize, play footvolley and drink beer or cachaca.

It is divided into parts by lifeguard towers, called postos, of which Posto 9 is the most famous because of its cool and alternative spirit. At the western end of the beach there are two mountains called Dois Irmãos (meaning Two Brothers).

Ipanema is also much famous for the namesake band: the Banda de Ipanema. The first parade dates back to early 60’s, when a group of personalities started a march counting about dozen people and finished it with more than 500 hundred fellows.

Today the parades are simply the most funny, colourful and high-spirited highlight of Carnaval, the Brazilian event par excellence. Ipanema apartments are much sought-after in February, but you can always find the one you prefer on RioLuxuryApartments.com.