The Anatolian landscape

Places you have always heard of in books or movies, but that you have never visited. Now it’s time to give them a chance, to see if they are as great as they are described in books. You will discover, than, that there is usually an ancient theater where you can have a breathless view on the beach where, according to the villagers and the history, Queen Cleopatra was used to swim.

Some of the villages, then, are lucky and privileged enough to have the “sunken cities”, which are the ruins under the sea, which you can see if you look down into the crystal clear waters while you are swimming.

Related to the Anatolian hinterland there are so many legends, such as the wealth of the Lydian King Croesus, King Midas with the golden touch, and the Knot of Gordion that young Alexandre, according to the story, was able to undo only with a blow of his hand.

The civilizations who used to live in the hinterland are, for example, the Hattis, the Hittities, the Phrygians, the Urartians and the Lydians, who gave their contribution to create and invent stories about the place.

Stories that tourists love so much, actually. In addition to this, it is important to underline the sites, both sacred and ordinary: monasteries, tombs of local saints, heroes and artists, mosques, churches and cemeteries are all places full of history, mystery and they are really interesting.

Not to mention, then, the cave refuges in Cappadocia which were used by villagers as cold storage or wine cellars. This happened because the landscape is rich of all the elements men need in order to satisfy themselves while not damaging nature.