Visit Rome with kids

However, it is really possible to enjoy a family vacation all together. Taking some advices to heart, you can really prevent problems and cut down on disappointments. Rome with kids is a special tour designed by Limousine Rome Tour for all those families travelling with young children and, knowing little of the city and of what it can offer to the young, have no idea of how to manage time during their holiday. Here you some suggestions.

The Rome with kids tour starts at the Cappuccini friars Church, in Via Veneto, where, if you have enough stomach, you can see the creepy skeleton of 4000 friars buried between 1500 and 1870.

The second stage of the tour is the 3D Rewind show, one of the newest and most amazing indoor activities in Rome. On board this time machine, you and your children can live the multi-sensorial experience of a virtual reality full of special effects, and learn a lot about Rome‘s history.

Being on vacation with the family doesn’t mean having to avoid cultural experiences. Parents sometimes think that they will be too boring for kids, while children often enjoy being around different people, learning unfamiliar customs and exploring new territories.

Explora is the first Italian children-size museum based on learning by doing, where children have an opportunity to play and learn, taking part to an interactive tour.

Final stages of the Rome with kids tour are the St. Angel’s Castle and the St. Peter’s Basilica, but if you are not tired yet, you can also enjoy a stroll up to the Janiculum, a beautiful hill from where it’s possible to get a breathless view of Rome.

Here, every day at midday, Italian soldiers fire a blank shot from a howitzer over Rome, and older kids can enjoy standing right behind the cannon for a fullest, hair-blowing effect.